Favorite Art

I don’t have a favorite work of art. I enjoy Salvador Dali, but my¬†extent of art-world knowledge is canvas-thin. Moreover, I don’t think a person can have a favorite of anything artistic, be it paint, music, or literature.

Salvador Dali Painting

Art is something that acts on the person in such a way as to remove the person from their self, and because a person is not a stagnant creature but constantly being crafted by experience, what 20yr old Bill considers the apex of musical accomplishment will be different than the music a 40yr old Bill finds artistic value in.

My self as I currently am, I find a lot of artistic value in Dali because his surrealism evokes in me a feeling of truth, that reality is much deeper than our perceptions convey. 10 years from now I may find myself looking at a Cezanne, mesmerized by the simple beauty of a landscape. I expect I will always value Dali because his work has reached through to me, and so I will always have the experience of his art-value in me, much in the way CS Lewis’ novels brought me elsewhere as an adolescent, or Papa Roach, taking me beyond myself though never again to be experienced with such outer-awareness, the way I currently value Pynchon, or Jhumpa Lahiri, or HoundMouth.