I’ve Moved!!!

Culverted has risen from the sewer drains, traveled across the country, and become lost in the disorienting atmosphere at MicksNeonFog.wordpress.com.

Mick’s Neon Fog is officially the fourth blog I’ve had – Shards of Glass, Wanderlust Misfit, Culverted, and the final iteration, finally, officially, Mick’s Neon Fog.

The first blog (I’m fairly sure it was titled Shards of Glass) came out in 2011 and was cancelled for the same reason its two successors were – uncertainty about the focus of the blog.

Yes, they’ve all been personal blogs and every personal blog covers a variety of topics, subjects, insights, life crises. So too for the three previous blogs I’ve had. What these iterations have been is a process of discovering a theme for my life, for how I feel about the world and myself in relation to it.

What the issue has been is the presentation – how to present the material of, basically, my life, in a single, cohesive context, or theme. Shards of Glass represented the broken pieces of a larger picture, Wanderlust Misfit was during my hitchhiking years, and Culverted tried to wrap my head into the context of ‘a truth running beneath society’.

This has been the problem of my previous blogs: the contexts, the themes, were too narrow. Life isn’t narrow.

What Mick’s Neon Fog, as a contextual theme, can offer that the others haven’t, is a much wider scope to present material in. Think of the title, it represents a contradiction of sorts – fog is mundane, obscures sight, is bland and suffocating and bleary; neon is bright, illuminating, exciting, energizing. What Mick’s Neon Fog offers is the dreariness of modern life and the weird, beautiful, awe-inspiring excitement found in it. This duality, it just so happens, is a perfect description for what’s in me.

A contradiction knows no bounds. A contradiction is freeing, capable of being this and then of being that. A contradiction embodies possibilities, exactly the possibilities┬áthat I – and by proxy Mick’s Neon Fog – need to explain. This is, finally and officially, the blog I will keep for the rest of my life.

So go – directly to Mick’s Neon Fog******