Still Refusing to Purchase Health Insurance

When somebody tells me they like Obamacare, I have this tendency to picture gills on the sides of their necks and if I zone-out long enough the person turns into a pants-wearing fish from SpongeBob…

… Ask a fish what’s above the water, and the fish will have nothing to say, other than maybe, “There’s something other than this water?” They might not even be aware of something called ‘water’ – having never experienced a lack of water, they have no way of isolating and defining water.

Ask an Obamacare Fish about Obamacare, and whatever it is the fish might be saying, the babble is roughly translated, “I’m a Fish Cog and nothing exists outside our Fish Machine! Are you paying for the Gold plan or the Platinum plan this year?”

“There is no such thing as a Fish Machine!”

I don’t know how people could have fallen for this Obamacare: “Spend your life making mandatory monthly payments to insurance corporations and love us for it.”

Is that progress? Has someone defined progress as “Crush Your Soul In The Cogs of Our Massive System In The Name Of Saving You”?

I’m not participating. I’m not going to be forced to spend my life making monthly payments to insurance corporations. I’ve yet to purchase health insurance, and have no intention of ever doing so.

The ACA is a trap, the first Federal mandate to include every single human being in existence in the US. Sure, we had Social Security, but you never had to work over the table and pay into it. But now, if you exist… damn well better be paying your monthly corporate-insurance dues. For the first time in US History, every living person is forced to participate in a massive bureaucratic system controlled by wealthy CEO’s, our lives turned into meaningless cycles of payments to our chosen corporate masters.

Fuck the ACA. Fuck The Obama. Fuck all of you Fish Cogs. I’m flat out refusing to ever purchase health insurance – let the IRS fry my tax return, I’ll choose a shred of humanity.


One comment

  1. Invisible Mikey · February 17, 2016

    The ACA was a poor compromise for sure, when what we need is single-payer. That’s how the other countries with universal coverage (which we still don’t get) save so much money. I understand your irritation. I wouldn’t personally recommend opposing the IRS, but it’s your life.


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