What’s Worth It in Life

The only thing in life that’s ‘worth it’ is a possibility, a foggy dream of a desired future. It’s a possibility because you can adjust and recreate the probability of this possible future by sheer will, focus, determination, and faith that the future is malleable – excited, fervent, indomitable love for the only possible future desired: my wife and I will have a simple house in the woods with solar panels and we’ll raise our two kids and take-in several foster kids, and we’ll grow our own food, we’ll be frugal and active in our community. I’ll have a successful writing career, spend hours reading Sartre and Kierkegaard. We’ll volunteer at soup-kitchens, food-drives, cook for our neighbors when hard times visit. This is what’s worth 70 hour work weeks, lack of sleep, hunger, and never a chance to sit.


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